My ability to speak on corruption is because, first of all, I’m not corrupt and never have been, but more importantly, I’m perceived to have never been corrupt. There is a distinction, but in this case, they are the same. I’m expected to be brave enough to speak the truth, and I am known not to be willing to be persuaded not to say something if it needs saying. So much so that I am no longer allowed to really exercise any discretion, because the public will expect me to put my neck on the block, irrespective of any personal considerations. I am now perceived to be fearless of retribution, and that I will speak for the people on issues of this kind, and it’s an interesting role. It is not one that I particularly sought, but I guess it’s very flattering and going back to the Victorian ethos of Britain, which I guess I have some links to. Is there a better cause to die for than one’s country?