I had relatives who were very much in the church and an uncle who was an archbishop in the church in East Africa. The sort of awareness that he believed that humans were created in a special way, created in God’s image and had souls and consciences and felt pain and joy, whereas the others didn’t — whether it was a dog or a cat or an elephant — that these were somehow just chunks of flesh that were wandering around their own way, I always found that very hard to understand. I suppose one of the moments I remember most as a young boy, when the present British Queen’s father died, and she was to become the Queen of England, and there were church services, and I was sort of in a religious-oriented school, and so there were masses and church services that we boys were forced to attend.  It was a Catholic school, and not being Catholic, not in fact being christened or baptized, I was excluded from mass and things of that kind. I remember sitting outside and found a couple of praying mantises who amused me because praying mantises often sit up with their hands together like this, and I wondered if they, too, had been caught up in this conundrum. I remember a happy two hours — when everyone was singing their hearts out — communing with two praying mantises about what they thought of the whole thing.  So those sort of things amused me.