San Diego was an incredible place to be introduced to the sea, back in the late ’40s, early ’50s. I used to love to go down to tidal pools. What an adventure a tidal pool is! The tide comes in, covers the rocks, and then it goes away, and it traps life from the sea, and they can’t get away. It’s like a nature-made aquarium. You look around and there’s fish, crabs and all sorts of things. Then they get washed away and in twelve hours there will be a new aquarium. I loved tidal pools. I also loved the tide, when it would come in, and you’d find adventure washed up on your shore. Like a Robinson Crusoe walking along, and seeing a float that had come from Japan, that had crossed the Pacific Ocean, a third of our planet, and just washed up at your feet. It was so exciting, I couldn’t wait to go and walk the tide line and see what treasures were waiting for me.