I can tell you this in all honesty. It never crossed my mind that I would fail. And I don’t know why that is. It almost seems delusional. Because there was no proof that these things even existed. And yet it was raw intuition. It just seemed to me, of course they exist. How else could it all work? And you know, I didn’t have a Ph.D. I was not a biochemist. I wasn’t anything. I was a physician. So I was kind of self-taught over the next few years. I gathered students and post-docs together and off we rode into the night to try to figure it all out. I talk about sometimes the chutzpah of youth. It was totally chutzpahdich, as we say in Yiddish. It was just filled with chutzpah — brazen gall that you would think you could do that. But you know, in the end it worked. And exactly why, I can’t say. I guess it was meant to be.