Sir Roger Bannister: Having made the decision, I felt relatively calm, but of course, quite a lot of adrenaline. I had to try to ensure that the early pace was correct.  Brasher went into the lead.  I was a bit worried that he wasn’t going fast enough, but I had done nothing for five days.  I hadn’t trained.  I just rested.  So, I felt very full of running.  In the first lap I was following him and I said, “Faster, faster.”  You know, an order.  In fact, he was going absolutely the right pace. It was just that I was so full of running that I didn’t feel that I was running fast. He ran the first lap very correctly in .58.  He took us to the half mile in two minutes. Then Chataway took over and he passed the three-quarter mile in three minutes, exactly as planned.  Then I knew that we were then slowing down, inevitably, and I had to do the last lap in under 60 seconds and that was quite fast.  I overtook Chataway at the end of the last bend, overtook him, and then just had to run as fast as I could to the finish.