For example, I knew I wasn’t going to be an obstetrician, and there were certain areas of medicine which could be reduced to formulae. You know, “There are six complications of this condition…” and once you had mastered that, it was not too difficult where you had to deliver some babies and things. So I would tend to take about two hours off to travel to a track, spend about 35 minutes running, but running very hard and then just have a shower, didn’t warm up, didn’t warm down, had a shower, would get something to eat and get back to the hospital by two o’clock. So that was really the pattern for several years with, of course, intervals for traveling to matches and team. So, it was a major incursion into my medical studies, and I think that — although I passed all my examinations the first time and so on — I did not pay as much attention in depth to clinical medicine as I had to my physiology. But in the long-term, I simply had to catch up after qualifying by studying for the various higher exams which our specialist physicians and neurologists need to do.