I was forever taking things apart and not always being able to put them back together again, all of the normal frustrations. But I was fascinated by how things work, and still do. People now ask me what cars do I own and do I like cars and things.   I see the surprise on their face when I actually say, “I actually don’t like cars.” And they go into shock. And they say, “You’re joking,” and I say, “No, I like making things and I am extremely competitive.” And therefore, motor racing provided the ability to make things, and very advanced cars that had to be compliant to complex regulations.   And then I loved the sport of racing and the entrepreneurial aspects of motor racing, because of course, if you’re in a business that constantly loses money, then you’re not going to survive. So it was pretty challenging to make money in a world class sport. Very few people do it, even in this sport, let alone in other sports.