These two individuals, both from Australia, were quite meticulous in how they went about preparing the cars. I learnt from them, and other individuals who were participating in motor sport, the difference between good and great.  And great to me linked into perfection, and of course, there is no such thing as perfection. But if you’re a sort of obsessive-compulsive, as I am — which I’d like to feel manifests itself in attention to detail — you just absolutely become a sponge to people who can actually show you a better way to do something.  So I tried to build my career on perfection. And inevitably, as you try and absorb knowledge, that desire and thirst normally means that it actually takes every conscious minute of your day. So you become extremely focused, extremely dedicated.  And to be focused and dedicated, you have to be full of passion. So my passion for everything that I was involved in was extreme. There was no room for girlfriends in my life until really my early 20s. There was no opportunity to spend money. Actually, I saved everything I made primarily because I didn’t socialize, because I was always at work.  And it just gave me not only a strong work ethic, but it was a work ethic that was recognized by people that appreciated what I was trying to do. And that really accelerated me at a very early age, even to the higher echelons of motor racing.