At that point in my life, my parents had put a roof over my head and had fed me, but they weren’t wealthy.  A middle class family, but they weren’t in a position to further my career. They were in a position to feed me and clothe me.  Part of my salary went back into the household, the normal way things were in that period.  And of course, not only did I not have time to go on holiday, but holidays were just —  forget. I never had holidays and therefore I had never even thought about leaving the country. I don’t think I had even been further than the Isle of Wight, and then suddenly I’m on a 707 — primarily going to New York because it didn’t have the range to go to Mexico City — via New York.  I can still remember the emotion of being sat in a jet bound to New York, on the way to Mexico City. It was quite a surreal experience. And of course the determination that I had to try and excel at the event was extreme.   And actually, whilst the car that I was preparing didn’t do very well — it was driven by a local hero — one of their other cars won the Grand Prix. So it was particularly satisfying that there I was at a Grand Prix which the team actually won.