I was in my 20s — mid-20s — and the driver for the following season following Brabham’s retirement was Graham Hill, someone who had won world championships. A little immature, but competent, obviously. And I was building, effectively, the cars for the next season in the production workshop.  He came in and said, “What are you doing in here?” I said, “I’m building some Formula Two cars, so I’m not on the Formula One team, I have decided to go on my own.” He said, “Well, nobody told me. I thought you were going to be chief mechanic.” I said, “No, Graham. I am going to start my own team.”  There was an initial look of, “It’s not how I expected it to be,” and then he said, “Who is driving them?”  I said, “Well, I’ve got two young guys that are paying.” He said, “Would you like me to drive one of the cars?”  So I said, “How can I pay you?” He said, “We’ll negotiate the start money together.  We’ll play good guy/bad guy.  And as and when we get enough money that makes sense for me to race, we’ll go 50-50. “  And off we went.  He drove the whole season.  And actually, we were second in the first race, and we actually won the second race.