At some point in the process, I started to count up, you know, what are my assets, started thinking materially, because obviously the opposite of a profit is a loss, and I didn’t want to catch a cold.  Then there was an oil crisis, and my principal sponsor was a French oil company that made one of the first synthetic oils, a company called Motul.  They just called me up, and they said, “The spot price has just gone through the floor…” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So I mean, oh my God! I could just… five minutes of prepping me for the inevitable.  “And therefore we have decided to stop, and we won’t be fulfilling our contractual payments because we can’t.” And that pretty much brought me to my knees. It was hard, but I went into family-and-friends mode. Managed to survive the year.  So had an elegant end, because my debt was greater than my assets, so I was technically insolvent. But I had completely underestimated the asset of my factory. And lo and behold, who should walk into my life again was Graham Hill, who said, “I have decided to start my own Formula One team, and it’s very late and I need an instant facility. Will you sell me your facilities?” And whatever the number was, it was multiples more than I expected, and I was able to pay off everybody and have a relatively nominal sum of money left.  But it was enough that I maintained my dignity and I went home feeling pretty sad for myself.