Ron Dennis: I went to them and I said, “You know, McLaren is not doing very well, and I have this revolutionary car. I am prepared to show it to you, but you have to be — you are in McLaren if I show it to you.” So I had a senior manager called Dave Zelkovitz at the time, and he was a little bit geeky but really into motor racing.  When we showed him the car, it was clear that he understood how this car could be revolutionary. So we prepped a presentation to the Philip Morris board and waited a couple of days.  “We’re sorry, we can’t go ahead because effectively we just have too much money invested in McLaren as a brand and we have to continue, but we really think your car is amazing.” Okay, how do I go about this? So a couple of days went past and I phoned him and said, “What about if I buy McLaren?” So this is —how would you say? — it was like a local pharmacy thinking about buying Boots Evergreen (Walgreens). Is that what it’s called?  No way this is, you know… And they said, “Well, how would you like to go about that?” And I said, “Very easy, but you have to help.” So they said, “How do we help?” I said, “It’s simple. You tell them if they don’t sell me 50 percent of the company, you won’t sponsor them.” And so it was a little bit crude to say that — it was more elegant — but that was the message.