When you’re doing something as emotionally risky as working on a TV show or a movie, part of it is that you’re facing the real possibility of complete public humiliation. I mean, it’s not all that unusual for people to say, “Aw, that was terrible! Did you see that guy? Aw, he was awful! He stinks!” And so, everybody knows that that’s out there, because they’ve participated in that same kind of ragging on shows and movies. They know. They know that you’re putting yourself up for that sort of judgment. You’re opening yourself. So as a result, you know, there does need to be a kind of trust. But I’ve found, in the creative community, there’s often a sort of an instant trust. And in just one or two conversations, you can actually determine whether that trusts exists in a relationship or not. People are always looking around for allies in this business. There are a few lone wolves out there, but I certainly am not one of them.