My father is working more now than he ever has. And he said, “You know, a lot of my friends, they went into the corporate world, they became doctors, they had great careers, the kinds of careers that everyone would have applauded them for pursuing. And they pursued them, and some of them are happy about it and some of them aren’t. But I followed my dream. And if the object is to have a secure and gratifying life, I’ve achieved that. Maybe never stardom, but my home is paid for, I have a great pension through the Screen Actors Guild plan, and I have security. And on top of everything else, while everyone else is winding down, I still can keep the dream alive. Because you never know when another interesting challenge is going to come along, or another great role. And I’m working more now than I ever have, and I’m active. And I’ve got a lot to look ahead towards.”