We never thought about the possibility or never talked about the possibility that he might not survive. We were concentrating on getting him through the third year. And by the way, Marty went to classes for only two weeks, the last two weeks of the semester. In that semester he got the highest grades that he ever got in law school because he had the best tutors. And Harvard was known as a competitive place. My experience was the opposite. His classmates, my classmates rallied around the two of us and he got individual tutorials to help prepare him for the exams. How did I get through it? Well, I was able to get by with very little sleep. Because of the radiation Marty couldn’t ingest anything until midnight. And so between midnight and two he had dinner, my bad hamburger usually. And then he would dictate to me his senior paper and then he’d go back to sleep. And it was about 2:00 when I’d take out the books and start reading what I needed to read to be prepared for classes the next day.