Ruth Bader Ginsburg: The Virginia Military Institute is a fine school. It offers an incredible opportunity, but it limited that opportunity to men. There were women who were ready, willing, and able to go through that arduous training. What they wanted more than anything else was the kind of old-boy network. The VMI alums are very loyal. They try to help the graduates on their way. And I think only about 15 percent of VMI graduates end up with military careers. The rest are in business and commerce. So it was an important opportunity that was not open to women, and there was nothing comparable for them. I wanted to write the decision. And by the way, the name of the case is revealing. It was “United States against Virginia.” It was the United States Government that was suing the state of Virginia, saying, “State of Virginia, you can’t offer an educational opportunity to one sex only.”  I was rather low on the totem pole. In fact, I did get the assignment because Justice O’Connor said Ruth should write this case. I think she had considerable seniority then, and so she would have been the logical person to get the assignment, but she said I should write it.