Ruth Bader Ginsburg: He came into my chambers with what he said was the penultimate draft of his dissent in the VMI case. He said he wasn’t quite ready to circulate it to the Court. It needed more polishing. But the term was getting on toward the end and he wanted to give me as much time as he possibly could to answer his dissent. I was about to go off to my circuit judicial conference. I took the opinion draft with me. I started reading it on the plane to Albany, and it was — even for Scalia — it was a real zinger. It was. So I spent the whole weekend thinking about how I would — in a restrained and moderate way — answer to these comments. I mean he took me to task for everything. I had a footnote in which I referred to “the Charlottesville campus of the University of Virginia.” He said, “We must excuse this Justice who is probably more familiar with schools in New York where they may have a campus here and a campus there. There is no Charlottesville campus. There is only the University of Virginia. Period.” The greatest thing for me was to have a Scalia dissent. He would point out all the soft spots, and that would give me an opportunity to improve the opinion to make it more persuasive than it was before I got this stimulating dissent.