I was too young to know that I should be desperately, deeply, profoundly frightened. I was just too young to know that what I was doing couldn’t…it was going to destroy me. And I just kind of blithely went along, because it’s what I had done in high school to survive, and I was really good at that. I was really good in high school, so surely I was really good here, and didn’t know to be as terrified as I probably should’ve been. I knew that Gidget was a character I loved. I had watched the movies with Sandra Dee, and oh my gosh, it was so great. Gee whiz, I wanted to be that. She was so cute and gosh…so I was simply lost in that. I was simply lost in the amazing fun. I got to do that, and couldn’t really incorporate in my head the magnitude, in that it was going to reach millions and millions of people. But something in me had some kind of strength, that I don’t know how or why. I don’t know why, except that I had this gift early on. I had a gift and it held me, this little sparkling gift that I had when I left my body. It held me safe. It said, “I’ll be with you, you’ll be fine, you’ll come home to us and you’ll be fine.” And it’s always been there.