These are very, very frightening times. I won an Emmy this year, most especially because my character is the mother of a son who was in harm’s way. And if I won it — there were so many wonderful actors that were nominated for that Emmy — it was solely because of the impact of what that woman went through. And I owed it to the mothers who wait for their children to come home from harm’s way, from danger. And what I said was that, “As I owe this to those mothers, those brave mothers who wait for their children to come home from danger, from harm’s way and from war.” And they censored “war.” It made no sense. And it is really illustrative of Fox. It’s really illustrative of some of the networks and corporations that are running our institutions that should not be run by people who are going to say what should be heard and not heard. It’s kind of remarkable. The interesting thing was is because I was censored, so many more people heard it. It was huge. It was everywhere. It was huge. It was like the biggest seen thing on YouTube and all of that because they did that. If they would’ve just allowed me to say that, it was just simple. “From danger, from harm’s way, and from war.” Duh! And the mothers who stand there and wait for their children to return, how is that political?