I’m frightened for the American Dream. I’m so terribly frightened for America. The American Dream really was to have possibilities, to be safe and have possibilities. It is what — my children say this to me sometimes, that I shouldn’t have said, and I can’t help it — I will still say it, but you can be whatever you want to be. If you want it, work on it, devote your life to it. And anything’s possible. And my children say, “Well, we’re the generation that you’ve said that to, and that was bad because we expect that anything’s possible.” Well, God damn it! And I would be censored if that were Fox. I do think that anything is possible. It doesn’t mean you won’t be drug behind the wagon for some length of time. That’s what America once was. I am very worried about our country though. We need some leadership. We need some bold, brave leadership. We need Abraham Lincoln.