When you learn to do it, if you study and you have a lot of techniques, you learn to step in someone else’s shoes. Part of those shoes are created by history. You do research on who this person, if they existed or not, might have been. You use the text of the writer who has written it. You use the text itself, and all of the information that the writer has given you. But you really instill it with your own life. You find parts of yourself that actually link with that human being, even though there may be so… on the page… you could… I mean, how am I going to do this? There’s no way I can relate to this person. And it transforms you as a person to stand in those shoes, because you realize how you are linked to everyone, profoundly, deeply, emotionally linked. And I have been changed by the strong roles I’ve gotten to play, of Norma Rae or Sybil and others, and I go away not the same. And it has made me wonder, “Was John Wayne John Wayne before he played those roles?” Or did Red River change John Wayne and help him to develop to be the person that he became as a human being? I think it has to go hand-in-hand.