Intellectuals are very slow to make up their minds, and even when they do it, they leave some room for skepticism and question. Not Ben-Gurion. He was never an intellectual bachelor. The minute he knew something, he has had an opinion. He was married with an opinion! But his talents were outstanding. I never saw a man with such a powerful memory like him. I can tell you stories upon stories to the depth and outstanding quality of him. He was a person that was always curious, learning, reading. There wasn’t a day without him reading. He learned new languages, including ancient Greek. He was curious, for example, about Buddhism. I’m not so sure that they could understand him, because of this tendency to decide. Buddhism is not necessarily a religion made of decisions. On the other hand, he was a leader. Namely, he was decisive, had a strong will. Fearless, honest, and he all the time thought that the greatest degree of wisdom is the moral code. “Never be cynical. Never forget that every war is being fought twice — once in the battlefield and then in the books of history.” Don’t forget the books of history. Don’t do things that history will never forgive you. History means posterity, and it’s the young generation.