The acting came totally as an accident.  I was looking for a dishwashing job, and I could find a dishwashing job in a paper. There’s an African American paper called the Amsterdam News.  And I would go to the want ad pages there, and it would list porters wanted, dishwashers wanted, maids wanted, whatever.  And on this particular day when I needed a job and I looked into this paper, there was nothing there concerning any dishwashing. So what I did was I was about to fold it up and put it into the street bin, you know the trash bin on the streets?  And something caught my eye.  And what caught my eye was a phrase.  It said, “Actors Wanted.”  Well, on the want ad page it said dishwasher wanted and this wanted and dah-dah, porters wanted. And I figured well, I can even manage some of those jobs.  But what is this actors job?  That doesn’t sound like it’s too bad.  And, they’re inviting me because they say actors wanted.