A guy opened the door.  He’s a massive, massive guy.  I mean huge guy. Big.  And he said, “Yes?”  I said, “I came to see about actors wanted.”  He said, “You’re an actor?”  I said, “Yeah.”  He said, “Come on in.” I went in, and he said, “Where have you acted before?”  I said, “Florida.”  And he said, “Yeah?” he said, “You acted in Florida?”  I said, “Yeah.”  Anyway, he said, “Okay, here is this script.  Turn to page 28.  Read this scene.  It’s a page and a half.  Go over it a couple of times and then let me know when you’re ready and we’ll read it together. I’ll read the other part and you’ll read John.”  I said, “Okay.”  And I looked over it.  I could hardly make out what the scene was.  Anyway, he said, “You’re ready?”  I said, “Yeah.”  And I stepped up on a little stage, but so big.  It was maybe 12 feet, 15 feet wide and 9 feet deep or something, you know.