I said to myself, “How did he know that I was a dishwasher?”  He suspected.  I said, “I didn’t tell him that.  I didn’t say anything about dishwashing.” That was one thing I wouldn’t have told him.  And I realized then and there that what he said was his perception of my worth.  He perceived me to be of no value beyond something that I could do with my hands.  And while he was correct in his anger to characterize me that way, I was offended. I was offended deeply.  And I said to myself, “I have to rectify that.  I have to show him that he was wrong about me.”  I decided then and there that I was — this is a wild decision I made, of course, but I did decide then, at that moment, on that street, that I am going to be an actor just to show him that he was wrong about me. And then I would give up the acting, because what do I want to be an actor for?  I committed myself to that.  That goes to show you that I was a rather peculiar kid.  Luckily, I wasn’t around psychiatrists and all that kind of stuff, because they probably would have marked me as a guy who was a little off his rocker.