I left the theater after I came off, saying to myself, “That’s it, I tried, I am not gonna be an actor. I don’t have the gift. And it’s silly for me to be (doing) this. Okay, I did it, I’ve stuck to it, and I don’t have it.” So I left, and I went walking about in New York City. And on my way home, about 11:30, 12 o’clock at night, I’m on my way to my room where I had my residence, I decided to pick up the newspapers, and I picked up, I guess, The Daily News. And there were, believe it or not, there were 13 major newspapers in New York City at that time. Anyway, in three or four of them, I was mentioned very favorably. Well my dear, being — well, being, being, being — I changed my mind. I wasn’t gonna quit the business so quickly!