I went to Marty, and I said — Marty Baum, the agent who put me on to it. — I said, “I read the script, and I can’t play it.”  And he said, “Why can’t you play it?”  I said, “I can’t play it because this is a father, and he has a child, and these guys kill his child to intimidate him. And the script permits that intimidation.  So the writers feel that that’s just for them a plot line. You know? It’s not important to them.”  And I said to him, I said, “I can’t play that, because I have a father.  And I know that my father would never be like that. He would never under any circumstances be like that.”  I said, “As a father, I would never be able to not attack those guys, do something to show how I am, to articulate me as a human being.”  And he says, “That’s why you don’t want to do it?”  And I said, “That’s why.”  He says, “You need money?”  And I did.  My second daughter was about to be born, and I needed the money.  I really needed it, and the money was $750 for playing this part, which was a lot of bucks.