Anyway, I couldn’t do it.  Now, that speaks of who I was.  It still speaks of who I was. And it speaks of who I am.  But who I am is my father’s son.  That’s who I am.  And I spent my life with him until I left him at the age of 15.  And I’ve seen him behave with my mother and their children.  And I’ve seen him with my mother, how he treats her. I grew up on that.  I know how to be a decent human being.  So I couldn’t play it, and I didn’t play it.  I left Marty’s office, and I went to 57th Street. Yes, 57th Street and Broadway.  There was a loan office there called something-something finance that you could go in and borrow money on your furniture, on your car or whatever. I needed $75 to pay Beth Israel Hospital for the birth of my child.  And I had to put up my furniture, such as it was.  And they loaned me that money.  I paid Beth Israel Hospital, and my baby was born.