There isn’t a person that sits in a movie house, of any maturity, who hasn’t been disappointed, who hasn’t been exhilarated, who hasn’t felt fear, who hasn’t felt joy. Every one of the emotions that human beings experience, even the most terrifying ones, they have been akin to all of them at one time or another, either in their daily lives, their weekly lives, their monthly lives, their yearly lives. So that when they sit in that theater, that’s all they bring in. That’s the scoreboard they bring in. And they sit there and they watch actors playing at fear, embarrassment, at love, at hate, at all of the emotions in life. That’s what they bring in. So when they sit there, and they’re looking at actors doing that, they cotton to those actors that make that connection, makes that connection with them. And that’s the actor’s job, it’s not their job. All they do is they bring this panel of human emotions with them. And these emotions are in neutral. They are absolutely in neutral as they sit there. And one by one, this really fine actress or actor begins to do things that somewhere in the consciousness of that audience, they’re saying, “Ooh boy, yeah, I know about that. I’ve seen that. Wow.” That’s where the admiration comes from, because they can also tell when that actor or that actress is not reaching home.