It is not very good that we have really not made a stronger, sustained effort to speak to our children — the black ones, the white ones, the brown ones — about this man. This man.  It is because of this man, Lincoln, that we have a President Obama. Because the values of Abraham Lincoln were ignited in President Obama.  And President Obama ignited some of Lincoln’s values in his fellow Americans.  And if you were to take a listing of the American population two years, four years, five years ago, the possibility of him being what he is today wouldn’t have crossed very many minds.  Would not. As a result, here is a guy who says, “I am this…” and “I am imperfect, but yes — and I screwed up here and I did this there, and I’ll tell you about it.  And if you can tell me where I can improve, I will listen to you.  My responsibility is to represent you.”  Well, I find him absolutely glorious, this guy.