I walked into the police station to get permission to go across the street and so and so.  And he called me the “n” word, the guy in the thing, and he said, “Take off that hat.” I was wearing a cap.  I looked at this guy sitting up on a kind of thing at the desk. And I said, “What’d you call me?”  And mind you, I’m a kid of 15 years old.  I just lost it. I just said, “I am Reggie Poitier’s…” that’s my father’s name, “That’s my dad, and his name is Reginald and my mother’s name is so and so.  And they named me Sidney, that’s my name.” Well, the cops, there were several in the place, and they looked at me as if I was insane. Oh God!  Now, had I been born and raised in Florida, I would have a different approach, exactly.  I would have been cultivated to respond in a different way, especially if I had spent those first 15 years of my life in Florida.