Simone Biles: So I was six years old, whenever I went on this daycare field trip, and all I can really remember is, the gym that I went to, it was split into two sections. So the front of the gym was like the rec, and then the back gym where all the team girls were working out — and I remember being on a trampoline, kind of like peeking through because there was a wall that divided it, but it was really just the bathrooms. So I remember peeking back, and I would see these girls on the tramps and on the beams, and all that tumbling and flipping, and I was like, “I think I can do that.” So then I started copying them, and then a coach came over and was like, “Have you ever done it?” And then they just sent a letter home. It’s kind of a blur because I didn’t think in that moment my life would have changed and I would be who I am today. So it’s like, you don’t really remember it too much.