I was a pretty bad guy. But my mother’s love and her belief in me, I think — and Charlie Parker, who took me aside and told me that this was not the way to be — that had a tremendous effect on me, so that I finally realized that, well, I am not going anyplace. I’m a pariah. People see me coming, they go across the street, you know. So I eventually was able to go to a hospital. There used to be a big hospital in New York — not in New York — in Kentucky, Lexington, which was a very good place. It was a place where you were able to treat addicts, something like the Betty Ford Clinic in later years. Anyway, you were treated in a humane manner, as a sick person, not as a criminal, and you went there for a certain amount of time, and you took what they called “the cure.” I went there voluntarily, and by that time I was determined to get away from drugs, so I was able to go there, and through my determination to do it, that place served me well.