Stephen Schwarzman: We set up a system that’s terrific here, where, every Monday, each one of our big areas — private equity, where we probably employ about 500,000 people, one of the biggest in the United States; real estate, where we’re the largest owner of real estate in the world and, you know, sort of our capital extension in the debt business — each one of these areas reports and tells you everything that’s going on.  I don’t have to pick.  It picks itself.  And the people in that group describe what’s going on in the world.  I’ve only been doing this for over 30 years.  So you get these feeds from — it’s raw data, and this is before there was a fixation on data.  We get it all the time.  What works for me is the way my mind, I realize now, works is I look for changes — not what’s going on; anybody can see what’s going on — that what I’m most interested in are those little imperfections.  I call it a piece of white lint on a black dress.  Usually people just brush it off.  I keep looking at it.  What’s it doing there?  Why has that happened?  What does that mean?  Because what I’m looking for — I guess you’d call it some kind of an odd pattern recognition — is something that’s changed from the normal order.