Stephen Schwarzman: I just see connections of things that I think are sensible.  One of the differences — when I see something like that and I figure it out, I’ll do it.  Part of what I’ve discovered in life is most people don’t like changing what they do.  They’re quite happy the way they are.  Even if they grumble, that isn’t enough to make them change course.  So when I see things that are different than other people see them, they’re always fact-based.  They’re not my opinions.  I can explain what will happen, and why, and hardly anybody cares.  In fact, they say, typically, “That’s interesting,” and then they go back to what they’re doing.   I don’t understand why it doesn’t change their behavior.  But it certainly changes mine.  Because I’m now in a position at my own business, Blackstone, and in other things that I do, where, when I see something that I think is worthy of a real course correction — which involves starting new things, doing new things — I go and do it.  I don’t hesitate.