Stephen Schwarzman: I don’t want to lose one dollar!  You know, part of what makes people is their background.  I came from a background where to get spending money or do anything, I had to have jobs.  I cut lawns.  I shoveled snow.  And then I recruited my brothers to do it, and I kept half of the profits.  That lasted a few years before they realized they could do it all.  I always did things.  I sold lightbulbs door-to-door.  I sold stationery door-to-door in college so I could get a KLA stereo.  I did all kinds of things.  When you do stuff like that, you really never want to lose your money because then you just have to keep doing more.  That’s a huge effort to knock on somebody’s door you don’t know.  You don’t know what’s going to happen.  You only do it because you really want to be successful.  So I’m not a believer in going backwards.  It’s not something I endorse.  I only like to go forwards.  So I worry about making a mistake, any type of mistake.  Part of the culture at our firm —  it’s a little different than most — the first rule is don’t lose money.  I know this sounds primitive.  You don’t have to go to Harvard Business School for this.  But if you have a philosophy of trying never to lose rather than how much you make, you always end up making a bunch on interesting things.  But if you don’t have a downside, and you only have an upside, and you’re in a growing economy — which is where we operate — and you do it on leverage, you’ll make very, very high returns, and we have — so it’s a pretty simple model.