The primary thing about Hal (Prince), for me, is his enthusiasm, and impatience. I’m a low flame and he’s a high flame, and that’s one of the things that makes us a good team. Coming away from any meeting with Hal, or a discussion on the phone, or anything like that, I always want to write. And in the case of Company… Some of the shows I did with Hal, he was very much responsible for the building and the growth of the show. Some, like Sweeney Todd or Night Music, were just shows that were sort of brought to him. But Company… Follies was brought to him. Jim Goldman and I brought it to him. But then he had a take on how to stage it, which then affected the writing. So the thing is, it’s primarily about stimulation, and of course his theatrical imagination. I mean, apart from the skill too. But in terms of the personal.