I had told the program months in advance that I was unable to do that job. If you see a person having extraordinary difficulty doing some job, the first thing you ask is, “Why didn’t they foresee the problems and head them off ahead of time?” I had told the program, “I am unable to do that job in space,” because of loose screws and the fact they were not captive. Because of that, we had come up with a set of clips in which you shove the connector down, and the little springs would come over and grab it. And so screws would not be required. A month before we went to go fly, we got the clips and they were the wrong size. We didn’t have time to come up with new clips, so we had to go forward with a job which I had told them could not be done. And we went forward and did it anyway. But I was pressed for hours, right at the edge of my ability to do it. The outcome was in doubt. And with thousands of hours in a suit, that was by far the hardest work that I’ve ever had to do. It was just gruesome, meticulous work.