The most wonderful one is that the weather — what mother nature is doing — dictates your entire life. And this is so much a part of my life, I don’t understand it not being. Because I often have commitments to somebody on the outside world, I find that the rest of the world is not like that. When they ask me to come and do a speaking engagement on March the third, at three o’clock, they rarely understand when I say, “I’ll be there — weather permitting.” I am not saying that I won’t give it my absolute all to get there, but sometimes you merely cannot get out. You can’t get a helicopter; you can’t get a plane. No amount of money can move me from the spot that I may be in. In fact, the best method out of there is a dog team. But that’s going to be slow and sure, and if I’ve got a hundred miles to go, I’m not going to be able to do it in the hour that they need me to rush off and get down to California, or something. So that I think is great. Your life, your daily life, is dictated by what the weather is doing. Your sense that you have to rely completely on yourself, that there are no people to turn to, is an incredibly satisfying feeling. And once you become content with it, I think that people would find that they have a whole lot more self-esteem and self-confidence that is built by knowing that you can depend on yourself and not on somebody else.