It does have to do with having faith in your voice. It does. Sticking to your guns. Believing in yourself. Realizing that your “self” isn’t — let me see if I can spell it right — “y-o-u-r, little s, e-l-f. “It’s not that. It’s “y-o-u-r — capital S e-l-f. Your Self includes everybody. You’re part of the huge universal community at all times, even when you meet somebody you don’t like, who isn’t like you. I was telling the honor delegates today that the concept of radical inclusion means you have to include even folks you don’t like, which is hard. Having faith in your Self, having faith in your own voice, things like working hard. He wasn’t just sitting with his feet up on the desk. He was a hard-working writer. Service, the idea of service, the idea of being there for the people. Not just maybe your own people — you know, African American women under the age of 44. No. Your people are, again, the entire people, entire world.