I worked on it. Draft, draft, draft, rewrite, rewrite, rewrite for like four years, sat in front of my computer one day and said, “This is not working.” Threw out everything that wasn’t working, threw out all the plot. It wasn’t like The Scarlet Letter at all. So I threw out the plot, threw out all the characters. I got down to two things. One was a character named Hester, and one was the title, Fucking A. I threw out Hester, kept the title, and I heard a voice in my head, “What about my play?” and I said, “You’re not…” Hester says, “What about my play?” I say, ” I’m cutting you because you don’t work. It doesn’t work. So I’m cutting everything that doesn’t work.” She says, “Oh yes, yes, yes. I have a play,” and in five seconds, I had the whole story of a play. I knew that play wasn’t called Fucking A. “So what’s the name of your play?” She said, “In the Blood.” I said, “Oh.” So I very quickly was able to write a play called In the Blood which is about Hester La Negrita and her five children by five different fathers.