Now is an interesting time when, actually, fiction disappoints people because fiction used to be used for propaganda, so people are looking for something new.  And that’s why I think that the only hero — the only character that people will believe — is the actual witness. I’m not choosing some special people. I’m just choosing ordinary people because that’s important.

These people didn’t mean much to the system, and their life — their stories — would otherwise disappear. Nobody asked them any questions about their life.  Those people were just used by the system, including socialism.  But I wanted to record it. I asked those questions.  In a way, it’s a double trust when you interview common people. Educated people can be influenced by the propaganda, but common people look at life simply, and they tell the truth — the story as it is.  People are connected with time — through radio and TV — and it’s important to give them the freedom to look at things differently.