As a small child I lived on a farm in New Jersey. Both my parents grew up on farms, and therefore understood the importance of rain. Sometimes rain could be a nuisance because it interrupts picnics and things like that, but by and large you welcome rain because it’s important for plants to grow. You need it in order for crops to grow and produce. So I came to enjoy walking in the rain. And oh, the power of a storm! Instead of being frightened, I really enjoyed it. At night, I can remember pressing my nose against the glass of the window and watching the trees outside and thinking how marvelous it was. I think my childhood was especially happy. I understand that many do not have the kind of special early period in their life that I did. Part of it was because my parents really made me feel special, made me feel loved. And my brothers, and the rest of the family. But I always felt, even as a small child, that I couldn’t do anything so bad that I couldn’t come home, and that it would be all right. Somebody would take me in their arms and I would be reassured that it would be okay. We’d figure out some solution to whatever problem there might have been. Early on, there was an opportunity, because of the neighboring woods, to explore quite a lot on my own, and I did. I would just spend a lot of time out in the nearby woods, and feel such sympathy, such… I feel so sorry for those who don’t have an opportunity in their early years to go out on their own. Sometimes with others, but really by yourself, to go out and just see what’s going on. Find out what’s under that bush, or what is around the other side of that tree. And not feel afraid. Quite the contrary. I almost can’t stand not knowing.