TBS was the first 24-hour, seven-day-a-week channel, the first channel that ever went 24/7, and the idea with that was that we had mostly old black-and-white movies and black-and-white series, and at a time when all the television programs and new programs were all in color. So we weren’t exactly in a position to be the first channel you turned on. We didn’t have The Tonight Show or anything like that. So I said, “One thing we could do is — if we were on all night, seven days a week — there are some people that have insomnia, and when they get up and click around for something to watch, we will be the only thing on, and what will happen is, if they watch a movie during the night, they will turn the TV set off, and when they turn the set back on in the morning, it will be on Channel 17, and maybe they will watch us in the morning.”