I asked myself where the threat’s going to come. Once CNN is on the air and people see it’s going to be successful, where is the next threat going to come from? And I said the threat is going to come from a right wing news network, and it was 18 years later before Fox got started, 18 years. We had that, and by then I was making so much money and doing so well, because the way I was going to counteract Fox was — I had two networks, CNN and Headline News, and I could say, “Well, I’ll just turn Headline News into the rightest wing network you ever saw and preempt Fox, and there will be no real reason for people to tune into it.” But when the time came and Fox got started, I was so successful. I was worth billions, where I had been worth nothing at the beginning. I liked being straightforward with the news. Something with my name on it, I couldn’t do a right wing network. I said they can just have whatever they want with it, and we’ll stick to what we’ve been doing, being the world’s most respected news network. Like The New York Times. The New York Times doesn’t try and mimic the Post, not really. They stand there, and I give them credit. I wanted to be The New York Times of the television news business.