I’d had all of the experience. I knew the business inside and out, and I had worked hard at it and studied it. It was relatively easy. It was much simpler to understand. Basically, with billboards, you go out and lease the location. In those days, we tried to pay $25 a year for a location, and then you put the billboard up, and then you went and rented it to an advertiser for $25 a month, and you maintained it. You made sure that the lights were burning at night, and that the weeds were cut in front of it and it was maintained, and hopefully, between your income and your outgo, if you could keep your signs leased most of the time, you’d make a profit. That was it. It’s very simple. The television business was much more complicated because of satellite and cable TV that were brand new when I got into the business. No one had really utilized them very much, hardly at all.