Thomas Keller: Jonathan Benno was our chef at the time. I said, “Jonathan, you’re the first chef de cuisine. I’m the first owner. You know, this is truly an extraordinary moment in American culinary history. We are the first chefs, first American chefs in America to receive three stars.” So I thought, “What better place to celebrate than Taillevent, my first three-star work experience?” So I called Taillevent, and of course Jean-Claude Vrinat said, “Please, welcome. Come over.” And we went and it was an amazing moment to be able to walk into Taillevent, which had such a profound impact on my career, on my philosophy, on the culture that we have, on my skills, on everything in my life. And to be able to walk into that restaurant as the first American to receive three Michelin stars and be embraced by Mr. Vrinat, who I have — until the day he died — had such a profound respect for. And he sat us down right at the first table. We had an extraordinary dinner. He actually sat with us, and his wife Sabine told me as we were leaving, she said, “You know, I’ve never seen my husband ever, ever sit down with anybody in this restaurant.” He sat with us for about five minutes and chatted. And it was just one of those magical moments. We got on a plane the next day and came back to New York and of course celebrated again. The following year Michelin was going to launch in San Francisco. Again, we don’t know what to expect. I mean we’re the mothership, we’re the foundation of Thomas Keller Restaurant Group and certainly the inspiration for Per Se. We could only hope that we can achieve that. Jean-Luc Naret was coming to San Francisco himself because he wanted to have an after party to celebrate to introduce the Michelin Guide in 2007. And he flew in from Paris with four other executives from Michelin and they had dinner at The French Laundry. So there were five of them. And about midnight — he finished about midnight — and he came back to the kitchen and I was standing in the box in our little office in the kitchen, the chef’s office, and I was cleaning, doing my nightly cleaning rituals. And he came in, he snuck in. He said, “I just want to tell you, you’re going to get a phone call tomorrow and you’re going to be really happy.” So I went home. I took a shower like I normally did and I came back to the restaurant. I gathered everybody around and I said, ” I think we’re going to have a great day tomorrow,” so we opened a glass of champagne. And of course the next morning he called me and he told me that The French Laundry again had received the highest recognition from Michelin Guide, three stars. Again I told him how proud we were of that, and that was our responsibility to make sure that we lived up to the reputation. And he said, “Oh, and by the way, Bouchon got one.”