Thomas Keller: When my parents were married, my father was typically stationed somewhere else.  So during the Korean War he was there for two and a half years.  And to keep herself busy, and of course to supply some income for the family, she worked in restaurants.  And typically in the day she would work at the Officer’s Club as a hostess or a waitress, working her way up to understanding how to manage a restaurant. So when they were divorced, that was her path.  She became a restaurant manager.  And so as a young person, my brother and I — my brother Joseph, who is 18 months older than I — would spend a lot of time in the restaurant and in the kitchen.  He migrated towards cooking much earlier than I did.  I remember him watching– you know, you would have the Graham Kerr series. Every day after school he’d come home and watch Graham Kerr or Julia Child.  He was very, very fascinated with cooking.  He became a cook.  He actually was my first mentor in this profession.  So we found, I think, a great sense of comfort being in restaurant kitchens, and that’s kind of where I found — I don’t want to say I found a home, but I found a place where I could feel welcomed. I could feel I have the ability to learn and to kind of expand. At the same time, be able to do my homework when needed, be able to function as a young person and still keep busy.