Thomas Keller: Per Se opened in 2004. Michelin came in 2006. And it was interesting, because at the time of the announcement, Laura and I were in France for — I believe it was a Traditions et Qualité conference, which is a French association that we belong to. We had a choice of getting on an airplane and missing the phone call, because it was going to come at 10:00 in the morning New York time, which was 4:00 in the afternoon in Paris. We would have been on a flight so we would have missed the phone call. Or we could stay in Paris, maybe get a phone call, but miss the celebration in New York. So we chose to stay in Paris because the phone call would have — I mean to miss a phone call as being one of the first Michelin starred restaurants in America, being one of the first American chefs to receive potentially a Michelin star would have been too much of a — I think of a moment in my life that I’d want to give up. So of course, it wasn’t going to come until 4:00 in the afternoon, so we had all day to walk around and just kind of try to patiently wait.