What people describe as the “Aha!” moment, the “Eureka” moment, I think this idea of it being a moment, I’m very suspicious of. I don’t actually believe that Archimedes sat in the bath, saw the water up, and said, “Eureka!” I think he probably tried all kinds of things. He tried ways of filling the crown full of little marbles maybe and counting the marbles. Goodness knows what. No, he tried all kinds of ways of estimating its volume. And then he figured, “Ah goodness! Yeah. Water will do it!” But he’d done a lot of preparation, and he probably had a lot of ideas pretty close to it. And in fact, it didn’t happen — (snaps). If you’d started him off on the problem totally fresh and sat him in the bath, nothing would have happened. It wouldn’t have happened without him discussing the problem with people, without him starting to form all of these hypotheses, half-formed things.